My Husband Fell Down a Flight of Steps

When my husband fell down a flight of steps, we were both so grateful that he was just sore. He didn’t break any bones, which is a miracle in itself. We have both heard of people falling down a flight of steps and losing their life, so we felt especially blessed that he just had to deal with pain. It wasn’t until a few weeks after his fall that he decided to see a San Jose chiropractor. We both felt that the pain would get better with each passing day, but he was not getting any relief from it.

Neither of us had ever been to a chiropractor before, but we did feel that was the best place to go. He felt if he went to our family doctor, the only recourse would be medication to mask the pain. He knew that the pain should have diminished somewhat, if not completely, so he wanted to find out why he was hurting. I looked online and was able to read quite a few reviews about different chiropractors in our area. I really liked what I read about one in particular and knew that was the one my husband would visit.

Patients, both former as well as current, really like the time that is spent with each one. None ever felt hurried, and that is an important quality for us. I made the appointment, and he was in the office within just a few days. He could have been there even sooner but our schedule did not permit that. The chiropractor lived up the reviews and spent more than enough time with my husband, explaining the results of the physical exam as well as imagining tests. My husband has been going there for nearly a month now, and he finally has the relief that he thought would never come.